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#WantanR8 – Audi’s Integrated Social Campaign

I was fortunate enough to research Audi’s most recent Social Media campaign called #WantanR8 through my latest assignment at WVU.    While Audi’s entire Social Media presence is impressive, this campaign was especially special.  For those of you who aren’t car buffs, which I’m certainly not, the R8 is sort of a supercar.  Only several hundreds are made each year and are incredibly expensive to buy.  There’s absolutely nothing practically about them, but they are incredible automobiles.

Anyway, Audi created a campaign that would give away an Audi R8 (for the weekend) to a person who tweeted why they deserved a R8 and what they would do with it.   So you’re probably asking why this is worth mentioning? Well after I explain it, hopefully you’ll see it as a completely innovative and integrated social media campaign.

First, Audi created a separate tab for the campaign on their Facebook page.  Then they built a Twitter functionality within that Facebook page that allowed users to post their tweets.  The functionality had the built in hashtag in the tweet so user error wasn’t an issue.  The German automaker also created videos through YouTube that showed previous winners with the R8 and their experience with the car.  This certainly helps users envision themselves winning the R8 and gets them excited to post to Twitter.

After researching the campaign I was so impressed at the integrated approach the company took.   You could find the campaign through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Not too many individuals will purchase an R8 from the campaign but it certainly will help build brand awareness around Audi.


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